The voice of the Lord is power;

The voice of the Lord is majesty!”


While other angels always rose at five o’clock a.m.

And eagerly performed the chores that kept all heaven trim,

One angel would not stir till noon for, goodness only knows,

Great Lucifer was very fond of watching late, late shows.

This very morn the angle lay, still huddled up in bed;

Dark rings encircled both his eyes – the lids were flaming red.

And when the Lord dropped by at one,

To bellow out “Good day!”

The angel hid beneath the sheets,

And cried, “Oh, go away!”

Jehovah tossed the sheets aside and pulled him by the hair;

“I’ve got a problem, Luce,” He said,  “stop hiding under there!”

“I’m years behind in paperwork, and –

Devil take the thing!

I have to put my work aside,

And find the Jews a king.”

Now Luce was well acquainted with this project of the Lord;

Last week they had discussed it on the inner angel board.

And all the inner angels said,

“God’s got Himself a task!

A first king is so hard to pick –

Too bad it’s not the last!”

Yes, the first king setup precedence – they found a royal hall,

And if they are not champions, their royal halls will fall.

But poor Jehovah had scant time to spend on pick and choose;

And yet He simply had to find the first king of the Jews.

The angle pulled his covers up – then gave the sheets a tug,

“If I were God,” thought Lucifer, “I’d simply pass the buck!”

And soon he ventured, “Lord –

Why not appoint a holy priest,

And let him pick the king, instead,

For you have always preached

“a priest discerns the wheat from chaff,

And sifts the truth from lies;

A priest will toss a thousand fools,

But always catch the wise!”

Now god picked up His derby hat, and spun it on His thumb;

“I’m awfully glad,” Jehovah said, “you angels are not dumb!

That’s just the thing to do, my boy.”

(And God began to rise), “I’ll search the priestly files and pull

A catcher of the wise!”

When God had closed the bedroom door, the angel whispered, “Gee!

I’m mighty glad He didn’t go and pass the buck to me!”

And God soon rummaged through his files,

Until he found his man;

The files was labeled “Samuel”

The buck was labeled “Sam”.