There are many who say…

“O, that we might see some good!”


When God created Adam-One, God said, “He’ll do me proud!”

And God gave Adam liberties no angel was allowed.

God classified his speciies – they were designated “men,”

And soon this designationproved synonymous with “sin!”

            Yes Early man was scandalous.

            They made Jehovah cuss;

            They robbed and cheated, murdered, raped,

            They weren’t the least like us.

But when they base corruption spread to holy angels, too,

God said, “The party’s over, boys, I’ve had enough of you!”

            God told an Inner Angel clerk

            To ransack all the files

            And see if he could fine some men

            Who had no wicked wiles

Eleven years would pass before the clerk reported back.

“I only could fine one,” he said, “but he’s a crackerjack!

This man is knows as Noah, Lord –

The gentle, just and fine;

And Noah has but one small flaw;

He’s rather fond of wine.”

“I like a glass, myself!” said God, and, taking up His pen,

God wrote a note to Noah-who was almost free from  sin.

“Dear Noah,” read the letter,

“Tell your neighbors they are through!

I’m scheduling a bubblebath

That’s clearly overdue.

Please build yourself a dandy ark;

(The blueprints are enclosed)

And fill it with these animals

(Do note the ones I chose).

For heaven’s sakes! Do not forget

To put your wife on board!

And also toilet tissue!  -Signed:

Sincerely Yours, the Lord.”